Published On: Fri, May 10th, 2024
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Inside the incredible Chinese floating hotel carved out of a mountain | Asia | Travel

China has experienced decades of industrial and urban expansion, which has transformed the country beyond recognition.

A vast middle class has sprung up with cash to spend, fuelling a sharp growth in domestic tourism.

Many of China’s wealthy city dwellers are heading for the countryside, as they seek new experiences outside their urban existence.

To meet the demand for a return to nature, new boutique hotels have started to spring up in rural regions such as Anji – a three-hour drive from Shanghai.

Here in the mountainous area of Dachangping architects from a Dutch-Chinese company have built a futuristic five star hotel that seems to float above its bamboo forest surrounds.

The hotel consists of three floors covered by a highly distinctive zigzagging folded roof.

The top floor contains the main amenities, while the middle floor is where all 18 bedrooms are situated.

Right at the bottom and sitting against the mountain is a swimming pool and a logistics centre.

Daan Roggeveen from the firm MORE Architecture said traditional Chinese buildings had inspired the concept from the roof.

“We used the classic idea of the large, striking roof that brings people together,” he told the website

“It is reminiscent of the traditional Chinese roof, but its shape is also an echo of the surrounding mountains.”

Under the folded roof on the top floor are a lobby, a yoga room, the restaurant and an event space for weddings and parties, all of which overlook the breathtaking scenery.

Guests move under the roof, over the terrace through the open air, from one glass room to another.

The architects designed three different bedroom types – single-loaded, double-loaded and suites on the corners of the building.

Some rooms are extremely wide offering wonderful panoramas, while others are very deep – with views to both sides.

Steel columns raise the hotel eight meters above the hills, creating a dramatic space under the building.

This is where the swimming pool with changing rooms were designed. The ground floor rooms are finished in contrasting stone cladding, chosen to give the impression they have been “carved out of the mountain”

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