Published On: Tue, Nov 21st, 2023
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Israel Hamas LIVE: Moment Hamas chases down Israelis as truce ‘close to being called’ | World | News

Horrifying footage has surfaced showing the moment a Hamas gunman entered the Nova music festival and hunted down fleeing Israelis.

The video appears to have been captured during the terrorist group’s brutal attacks on southern Israel on October 7 which left 1,200 soldiers, police and civilians dead.

CCTV camera at Kibbutz Alumim near the festival ground recorded the moments two women were gunned down after being chased by Hamas terrorists.

A Hamas fighter armed with an AK47 can be seen running after those fleeing, eventually catching up with the pair and executing them.

The footage emerges as a three-day truce is apparently close to being brokered between Hamas and Israel in the Gaza Strip.


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