Published On: Mon, May 13th, 2024
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ITV Good Morning Britain fans divided over controversial Harry and Meghan poll | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

Some viewers weren’t impressed with today’s poll on , which controversially asked if and should make an official return to the . While some fans were divided over the question, others fumed about whether the poll was necessary at all.

Today, Susanna Reid and asked viewers if they believed Prince Harry and his wife Meghan should reunite with the royals. The official poll on X, the platform formerly known as , read: “Prince Harry and Meghan have proved popular during their ‘unofficial’ royal tour in Nigeria.

“So with the King attending less engagements and Kate stepping back – is it time for the Sussexes to return to the royal fold?” the poll asked. Currently, the results of the poll show that around 80% of the public would say “no” to that question.

Taking to the comments, X users queried the necessity of the poll, with one person complaining: “Give it a rest, it’s up to them.” Another wrote: “10 minutes plus on this topic. Is there anything else going on in the news?”

One more added: “There really should be a 3rd option of ‘Don’t Care’. I imagine that would be an absolute vote winner.” (sic)

Meanwhile, many users came in to defend the pair, arguing that it was better for them to stay in the US.

“No, they don’t deserve to have H and M. Leave them living their best lives,” one person commented. (sic)

“No, no, no and no, leave The Sussexes out of your BS poll, they’re good where they are, un working royals,” another penned. (sic)

A third fumed: “How many times has Harry said NO he will not before u rest with this ridiculous question? He said he will never countless times during his Book promo. Does Meghan look like a woman who wants anything to do with u lot or that family? The UK is a connecting Airport. #GMB” (sic)

Meanwhile, other fans also agreed that the couple should not return, but argued it was better for the sake of the royal family.

One person commented: “Why would the royal family want them back after everything they have done don’t think so.” (sic)

Another argued: “They left the royal family, and have been very rude and sly about them, so why should they be let back in because no one is interested in them. They are not Royals so stop using the titles.” (sic)

A third simply said: “They don’t care about us so no.” (sic)

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