Published On: Wed, Jul 3rd, 2024
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Jay Slater: UK detective rules out ‘hostage’ situation | World | News

Mark Williams-Thomas has provided fresh insights into his investigation regarding the disappearance of Jay Slater in Tenerife.

In a nearly eight-minute-long video he published on X, the former British detective said he has ruled out the theory that the 19-year-old may have been kidnapped.

In his video statement, Mr Williams-Thomas said: “We have ruled out a hostage or kidnapping situation because no credible ransom demand has been made.

“And we have no evidence at this stage to say there was a third-party criminal involvement in Jay’s disappearance. However, there are still a number of outstanding actions and therefore we still remain open-minded to the possibility of this changing.”

On July 1, Mr Williams-Thomas said the family of the apprentice bricklayer from Lancashire had received vile and non-credible “ransom demands”.

He wrote on X: “So much fake content has been created in the Jay Slater case – mocked up chat, messages, pics. It’s a very different world we live in today with social media and online detectives.

“Overwhelming response from people has been very positive people just wanting to help, even though most have no direct info, just what they have read, seen or think. Also a number of people making vile threats and ransom demands (all checked out and have no credibility).

“Being a family and friends at the centre of a massive story like this which has attracted worldwide media/public attention brings with it many more new challenges.”

Mr Williams-Thomas, who has now returned from Tenerife, acknowledged the huge attention that the mystery surrounding Jay’s whereabouts has attracted.

Recording the video on July 2, he said: “It is now into the 16th day since 19-year-old Jay Slater vanished in Tenerife. In that time, his disappearance has attracted worldwide media attention and as such extensive coverage on social media.

“This has led to massive speculation, theories – at times very misleading and with inaccurate information. Overwhelmingly, people are fascinated and as such they want to do their bit to help, whether by doing their own detective work or just providing comment.”

He say the aim of his new update is to “clear up” the inaccuracies and speculation found online.

In the video, Mr Williams-Thomas said he has gathered a “clear picture” of what happened in the hours before the disappearance of Jay – who was last heard from in the morning of June 17.

Overnight, the teen had partied at the Papagayo in Playa de Las Americas and travelled by car with two unnamed British men to their holiday rental in the Masca area – several miles away from Los Cristianos, where he was staying.

After he left the holiday let at around 8am, Jay “walked for about 30 minutes” and sent his location at 8.49am and 8.50am.

In his last phone conversation with his friend Lucy at around 8.30am, Jay said his phone’s battery was at 1 percent, he was without water and was trying to walk back to his accommodation after losing his bus.

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