Published On: Fri, Jul 5th, 2024
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Jay Slater’s best friend breaks silence with social media update | World | News

Jay Slater‘s best friend has broken her silence on social media with an update featuring the missing teenager. Lucy Law was the last person to speak to Jay and has gained notoriety for setting up a GoFundMe page raising money his family to continue their search in Tenerife.

This morning (July 5) she uploaded a selfie picture of the pair together alongside a blue heart and tearful face emoji on the the popular social media platform Instagram.

Slater was staying with friends in the south of the Canary Island but disappeared in the North after going back to the Airbnb accommodation of two men he’d met at a rave on Sunday, June 16, located an 11-hour walk from hotel.

Lucy had been with Jay at that party hosted by the Papagayo nightclub as part of the NRG music festival in the hours before he went missing.

In her GoFundMe description she claimed to have “woke[n] up to a phone call off Jay at 8.30am saying ‘he was lost in the mountains, he wasn’t aware of his surroundings, he desperately needed a drink & his phone was on 1%.’

She continued: “This was 3 days ago now, and no one has seen or heard from him since. His last location was on an off road track, which was a 10 hour walk from his hotel. The weather conditions up there are terrible for someone in shorts & a t-shirt, both in the day & at night.

“He has no water for when it’s warm through out the day, and he has no coat/suitable clothing for when it’s cold at night. It was 1 degree and extremely windy when I was out looking in the middle of the night We are all so worried and we just want him home.”

The fundraising page has currently generated over £50,000 for Jay’s family to continue their search. Four days after he was reported missing local cops embarked on a massive search for Jay.

But at 14 days, Spanish police stood down their search – with volunteers now scouring the rocky and unsteady terrains of rural Tenerife. Officers previously said they would respond to new lines of enquiry.

British police forces have offered to help, but Tenerife’s local authorities are claimed to already have enough resources. Amongst the perilous terrains scoured is a 22,000ft ravine in Masca known as “the badlands.”

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