Published On: Thu, Jul 4th, 2024
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Keir Starmer would scrap the Rwanda plan and offer amnesty to migrants | Politics | News

Today is the day you get to choose what you want for the future.

There are only two men that can walk into Number 10 come Friday morning. Sir Keir Starmer or Rishi Sunak.

The choice is clear. Controlled migration, lower taxes and a secure future with Rishi. Or higher taxes, higher migration and a return to the EU with Sir Keir.

Starmer would scrap the Rwanda plan. He would offer an amnesty to illegal migrants. And he would drag us back into the EU by the back door.

He is the remoaner-in-chief desperate for uncontrolled migration and a return to free movement of people.

We know higher migration is the last thing hardworking Brits need, but it is what we will get if we sleepwalk into a Labour government.

On the other hand, we will control migration, having already cut it in the last year. We will get flights off to Rwanda. And we will stop the boats.

A vote for Reform will hand Keir Starmer victory in hundreds of tight local constituency races which Reform candidates have no hope of winning themselves.

Splitting the right-wing vote could hand Labour the dreaded supermajority some polls are predicting. And the bigger the majority, the easier it will be for him to ram through hard-left policies.


But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Your Conservative candidate can offer you a strong voice in Parliament for all the things I know Express readers hold dear. We will stand up against the tax rises, the woke nonsense and the uncontrolled immigration we know the left crave so much.

We have a clear plan to deliver on the things that matter for you.

A vote for anyone else other than the Conservatives will achieve the exact opposite of what sensible Brits want.

In that ballot box today, think long and hard about what you really want for you, your family and our country. It should be a straightforward choice.

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