Published On: Fri, Feb 2nd, 2024
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Locals in pretty city fear new housing scheme will bring ‘anti-social behaviour’ | UK | News

Locals in a pretty city have been left outraged over fears a new housing scheme will bring anti-social behaviour to the area.

Residents have objected to a new housing development, in the Salford Foyer area, claiming it has led to theft and drug use.

The Manchester Evening News reported that the Places for People development has been used to help young and single parents.

The company now wants to construct a series of six one-bedroom buildings on the same site.

Speaking at a meeting about the development, one resident said: “We’ve had anti-social behaviour for 30 years, we get lots of noise, especially during the summer months.

“Last year we saw a body escorted off the premises and we were told it had to do with drugs.

“We’ve had our car broken into and things stolen from it but we have not been able to prove it was Foyer residents. Staff are only there from nine to five but we live there 24/7.”

Another person claimed they’ve seen drug misuse and had to put up with loud noises in the early hours of the morning.

They explained: “I’ve had the windows put in on my van, there’s a lot of drug misuse going on here and cars come at 2.30am.

“I am just a local resident from Salford who is trying to bring his family up. I only got to sleep at 1am because we got woken up by idiots at Salford Foyer. It’s not safe for children so how is it going to be safe for babies?”

In a statement about the matter, Councillor Andrew Walters refused to support the scheme and that residents’ concerns had not been taken into account.

He said: “This is obviously a controversial issue, while the housing is much needed it’s clearly not been supported by local residents and neighbours.”

Councillor Walters added: “It’s clear from the objectors that there’s a genuine fear of crime, it’s just not NIMBY-ism. I am significantly concerned that the residents’ interests have not been taken into account.

“I understand there has been a crime assessment, but I would like a bit more clarification about why those issues are not considered material considerations.”

Countering the opposition, Councillor Mike McCusker highlighted some of the issues facing Salford. He said: “The thing I want to focus on is the desperate need for that accommodation we have in Salford.

“We have a crisis of homelessness, every opportunity we get to provide accommodation for vulnerable people we have to jump at it.”

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