Published On: Wed, Feb 7th, 2024
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Man takes savage revenge on woman who stole his plane seat and refused to move | Travel News | Travel

When a woman stole his plane seat and wouldn’t move, an angry passenger took revenge by “kicking her chair every two minutes”.

The man said the woman had sat in his pre-booked seat and refused to get up – even when he pointed it out.

He was heading across the US, from Florida to California, to pay his best friend a visit, and had a ticket for aisle seat 23C.

He hadn’t, however, banked on there being competition for his already bought and paid for seat, and was surprised to find a ‘twentysomething woman’ had already bagged his spot.

At first, he imagined there had been some sort of confusion, so showed her his ticket and politely explained that she was ‘probably in the wrong seat’.

In response, she simply rolled her eyes and admitted that she should be in seat 24C, the seat right behind, with an unbothered tone.

Taking to Reddit, where he goes by the username u/Smolame, the infuriated man recalled: “After a 15-second stare down I say ‘well?’ and she says she is ‘comfortable already’ and ‘not moving’ and ‘wants to sleep’ blah blah.”

“Okay, I see how it is. Real dumb to put someone upset with you in the seat behind you.”

Sitting himself down in the vacant seat behind her, the passenger began plotting his revenge and hatched a plan that has since divided fellow Reddit users.

He went on to say: “I set a silent timer on my phone that went off every two minutes to remind myself to kick her seat, violently. Every time the seat belt sign went off I’d get up, grabbing the top of the seat to lift myself up, pulling her seat back and forth and one time (accidental but worth it) pulled her hair she put over the back of the seat.”

He added: “Safe to say she had lots of extra ‘turbulence’ and got absolutely no sleep. There were MANY death stares and head turns. Each time I would just smile and wave.

“I knew she wouldn’t say anything either because she is not even supposed to be in that seat anyways. Happy travels.”

Some people praised the passenger for not accepting the woman’s rudeness, while others felt he should have asked a flight attendant to handle it.

One person said: “Smart move. Better her be in front of you than vice-versa, and just the right dose of petty revenge.”

Another suggested: “Nah, sorry man but you gotta call the flight attendant. They’ll take care of it for you. If she tries to pull something on you then you can call the attendant back. Best case scenario, the flight attendant will actually upgrade you if possible.”

A third joked: “I’d have said, ‘Well since you’re in my seat, I’m gonna sit there anyway’, and proceed to sit in her lap.”

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