Published On: Wed, Mar 27th, 2024
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Marvel Rivals could be an Overwatch killer – and here’s how you can play for free in May | Gaming | Entertainment

After lots of rumours and speculation, Marvel Rivals has been officially unveiled by NetEase. Featuring a roster of superheroes and villains, the new Marvel release is a 6-vs-6 multiplayer game with similarities to Overwatch. Indeed, with Overwatch 2 proving somewhat divisive of late, there’s a chance Marvel Rivals could steal its thunder and potentially leave Blizzard’s shooter in its dust. If you want to find out for yourself, then you can actually play Marvel Rivals early and ahead of launch by signing up to the upcoming Alpha test in May. The free Marvel Rivals Alpha test will be available to a selection of fans who sign up on the game’s website. Just enter your name and email address, all the while answering questions such as favourite game genre and what shooters you’re currently playing on PC.

While the game is likely to undergo big changes between its Alpha test and final release next year, the upcoming demo should give fans a taste of what to expect.

For example, you’ll be able to check out the destructible environments, and whether they really do make a difference to the overall strategy.

According to the official description, the game features locations such as 2099 Tokyo and Asgard.

You’ll be able to alter the environments using your character’s superpowers, and use the destruction as cover, or even as makeshift weapons.

It’s an interesting feature that could help Marvel Rivals stand out from the competition.

Of course, the other big selling point is the roster of characters, which range from Iron Man and Hulk, to Rocket Raccoon and Groot.

That’s on top of Black Panther, Loki, Storm, The Punisher, Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, Magik, Luna Snow, Mantis and Magneto.

Other characters include Peni Parker, Scarlett Witch, Star Lord and Namor, while Thor is tipped to appear as a DLC character.

Another unique feature is the ability to perform special team-based moves depending on who you pick.

Marvel explains more: “Coordinate unique combinations between characters to ignite surprising Team-Up Skills!

“Unleash the synergy of combined superpowers and invent new tactics that can turn the tide of combat.

“Ride on Groot’s back as Rocket Raccoon to take on your enemies as a dangerous duo, unleash Gamma energy as Hulk to charge Iron Man’s armor for massive damage, and so much more!”

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