Published On: Sat, Nov 18th, 2023
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Meghan Markle details why Suits has an ‘everlasting’ pull for fans | Royal | News

Meghan Markle‘s appearance at the Variety Power of Women Awards continues to make headlines, especially once the Duchess of Sussex was asked about the reason why Suits continues to strike a chord after all these years.

Markle — who was a successful actress before she married Prince Harry — remarked that “good shows are everlasting” when asked about the USA Network show’s endurance.

“It was great to work on, such a great cast and crew,” she said to Rolling Stone. “We had a really fun time. I was on it for seven seasons, so quite a bit. But it’s hard to find a show you can binge-watch that many episodes of these days, so that could have something to do with it. But good shows are everlasting.”

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Naturally, Meghan Markle‘s comments sparked fury amongst her “haters.”

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have often made headlines due to their affection for one another.

But their latest “look of love” has sparked fury amongst their detractors, who insist that the couple are merely trying to “put on appearances.”

A viral TikTok made by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s detractors was taken during their recent appearance at the Warrior Fitness Program’s new West Coast Facility, in downtown San Diego, CA, on November 8.

This is the same event where the Duchess sparked fury because of her choice to wear a poppy in honor of the veterans, which some saw as a slight to Americans.

The couple’s detractors have made the unfounded claim that Harry and Meghan are on their way to divorce court, which may explain why their latest appearances have been chock full of affection that has been previously criticized as “against royal protocol.”

While the viral TikTok video claimed that Harry was “miserable” with his wife, other videos showed that the couple were regularly beaming at others — and one another — throughout the event.

One commenter noted that “the racist, bigoted media think exactly the way you think. And people u follow only post negativity about HM.”

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