Published On: Thu, May 16th, 2024
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Meghan Markle reveals Princess Lilibet spoke touching six-word phrase | Royal | News

An emotional Meghan Markle has revealed that Lilibet spoke a touching six-word phrase that blew her away.

The Duchess of Sussex opened up about her “chatty, sweet” kids, Archie and Lilibet, in a conservation during her trip to Nigeria with Prince Harry.

The couple were invited by the country’s Department of Defence on a non-official tour to take part in ‘cultural activities’ and meet service members.

While there, they met with Nigerian athletes, visited a school and attended an event on women in leadership.

Speaking at a panel on women’s leadership, Meghan spoke of the joys and challenges of motherhood and, while at the school, she took the opportunity to share an anecdote about her daughter Lilibet.

She said: “Our daughter, Lili, she’s much, much tinier than you guys. She’s about to turn three, and a few weeks ago she looked at me and she would just see the reflection in my eyes.”

In a touching six-word phrase, Lilibet said to Meghan: “Mama, I see me in you.”

Meghan said Lilibet was speaking “really literally,” but the Duchess “hung onto those words in a very different way.”

She added: “I thought, yes, I do see me in you, and you see me in you. As I look around this room, I see myself in all of you as well.”

Meghan created a heartfelt moment as she shared her thoughts on motherhood and her children’s personalities. She said: “Balance will always change for you.

“What seems balanced 10 years ago is going to shift, and so being a mom has always been a dream of mine and I’m so fortunate that we have two beautiful, healthy, very chatty, sweet children. I love being a mum.”

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex embarked on a quick-fire 72-hour tour of Nigeria last Friday to mark the 10th anniversary of the Invictus Games.

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