Published On: Wed, Jul 3rd, 2024
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Meghan Markle’s latest venture taking ‘a step backwards’ | Royal | News

Meghan Markle‘s latest media venture risks becoming a “step backwards” and about her more than celebrity guests, a royal commentator has claimed.

Rupert Bell told YouTube series Kinsey Schofield Unfiltered the Duchess of Sussex’s new podcast series would be a retrograde step if former Suits co-stars feature among the line up.

He said: “Suits did well in its time. Meghan was in it. She earned a lot of money out of it. But it does feel retrograde if she’s having to call on members of the cast that she has very little contact with.”

Mr Bell took aim at Meghan’s Spotify podcast series, complaining: “The thing about her podcast that sort of annoyed me was it shouldn’t be about her.”

He went on to say Meghan’s interview with Serena Williams should have been a revelation, tapping into the tennis ace’s life story on and off the court.

The royal commentator continued: “That would have got people listening all over the world. But instead, Meghan couldn’t resist making it about her at times, and she did it with some of the other people she had on.”

Meghan’s Archetypes podcast ran for one season and included interviews with Mariah Carey, Paris Hilton and Canada’s First Lady, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau.

The series, which was premised on investigating the labels which try to hold women back, won a People’s Choice Award for Favourite Pop Podcast in 2022. Spotify axed the podcast last year.

Mr Bell said that as an interviewer Meghan should have made the episodes about interviewees, adding: “The problem is I sometimes think Meghan can’t let go and wants it to be about her…

“If she’s getting people on from Suits, let’s be honest, they’re not A-list – with all due respect to those people. Good actors and actresses they may be, but they’re not A-list.”

His comments come after the Express revealed Meghan might “call in favours” from some of her former Suits co-stars to appear on her new podcast.

Celebrity PR Specialist Kayley Cornelius suggested that Meghan might invite Abigail Spencer and Wendell Pierce to appear as well as long term pal, Priyanka Chopra.

Ms Cornelius claimed recent public falling outs with high-profile celebrities such as the Beckhams and George Clooney will have a knock-on effect.

She said: “It may deter others from working with the Duchess due to concerns about how it could impact their own reputations.”

The celebrity PR specialist claimed Hollywood actors such as Zendaya and Tom Holland are rumoured to be in touch with the Duchess, but the chances of their featuring are low because of “high fees and limited availability”.

Ms Schofield said: “I feel like it’s a step back for Meghan to call on anybody from Suits to appear on her Lemonada podcast. I think she aspires to be more and wants to be remembered for something else. She wants to be this entrepreneur and Suits is in the rear view mirror.”

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