Published On: Thu, May 9th, 2024
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Mike Tindall has not taken prestigious Invictus Games role | Royal | News

has not been appointed a UK patron of the , sources have revealed. He will instead focus on his podcast, TV work and an extended stay in Australia with his family in 2025. can exclusively reveal that reports of Mike Tindall being appointed a UK patron of the Invictus Games are way off. He will instead focus on his podcast, TV work and spending more time in Australia with his family.

The reliable source says Mike hasn’t been approached to become a UK patron of the Invictus Games and it’s not something he wishes to get involved with.

“It’s utter rubbish. Mike hasn’t been appointed a patron of the Invictus Games,” the source said. “He attended a few events with Harry very early on when the foundation first launched, but it’s not something he will take an active role in moving forward.”

The extremely well-placed source also tells that Mike and have also compromised on their plans to relocate to Australia. Instead of permanently moving overseas, the couple have instead decided to dedicate a significant portion of their time to Australia in the coming years.

The source adds that the decision reflects the couple’s commitment to maintaining strong ties with the . The decision has reportedly filled King Charles with “extreme joy” after he expressed to courtiers a desire to avoid another “Megxit” within the family.

“Mike and Zara had both been toying with the idea of moving to Australia for a while but have finally reached the decision that it wouldn’t be right to uproot their family at this time,” the source said. “However, there are plans for the family to spend more time in Australia over the coming years which includes both winter and summer holidays abroad with the children.”

Mike, 45, previously confessed that his family had often thought about moving to Australia. “If we weren’t so deeply rooted in England, Australia would be our top pick for a home,” he said. “Australians have a great sense of humour, they like a bit of banter, they don’t mind having a go at each other, they don’t take each other too seriously… and I’m all about that.”

The source adds that the decision not to relocate permanently stems partly from the wishes of the Royal Family, including a request from the King himself, as well as Princess Anne’s reluctance to see her daughter and family move abroad.

Additionally, the close bonds forged at Gatcombe Park estate, where the Tindalls reside a stone’s throw from Zara’s mother, have played a significant part, with the children enjoying a close relationship with their grandmother.

“When the idea was discussed seriously during a sit-down, it drew blank faces and teary eyes from several members of the family,” the source said. “It became instantly clear that it wasn’t a move that could ever become permanent. Longer periods of time will be spent in Australia instead.”

Described as his favourite niece, King Charles is said to be extremely fond of Zara, 42, along with Mike and the couple’s three children – Mia, 10, Lena, 5, and Lucas, 3. The source says that Zara’s very dry sense of humour often leaves the King in stitches, and he loves spending time with her.

“Charles adores Zara and loves her sense of humour,“ the source said. “If she were to go, that really would tear at his heartstrings. He [the King] is also very close to Zara’s children and treats them like his grandchildren.”

The source adds that the Tindalls’ Australia compromise entails spending significant time abroad, particularly in 2025, when the British and Irish Lions embark on a historic tour, including a match in South Australia after 137 years. The allure of this event, scheduled for Saturday, July 12, 2025, has prompted the Tindalls to plan an extended holiday there over the summer period alongside their usual January jaunt.

Zara is already a patron of Magic Millions, an Australian Thoroughbred racehorse auction house, which hosts events throughout the year, most famously the Gold Coast Yearling Sale at Surfers Paradise in January which both Mike and Zara attend each year.

“Exact travel plans haven’t been finalised yet because that will hinge on what work the couple has lined up, but there are two long trips planned to Australia in 2025,” the source said. “There’s the usual January visit which will be accompanied by a summer stay for the rugby.

“Mike’s team are in discussions with several TV networks for him to provide commentary for the match. There’s also a hosting gig in discussion and he will continue with his podcast.”

Mike’s podcast, “The Good, The Bad & The Rugby,” is enjoying considerable success online, where he frequently shares insights and anecdotes about various members of the royal family, including Kate Middleton. It’s worth noting that Mike and Zara share a close bond with Prince William and Kate.

“Mike has managed to secure some really good guests and let slip some interesting gossip about the royal family on his podcast,” the source said. “Since he was on I’m a Celeb, he’s become quite the draw for the public who like to see how down to earth some members of the royal family can be.

“People warm to Mike and Zara and that’s good for the royal family following the awful time they’ve had of it from Harry and Meghan lately.”

Mike and Zara’s spokesperson has been approached for comment.

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