Published On: Fri, Nov 17th, 2023
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Moment Israeli troops fire at Hamas during gunfight in ruined hotel | World | News

This is the heartstopping video that shows Israeli forces raiding a ruined hotel as they shoot at and engage in fierce gunfire with Hamas terrorists.

Israeli troops used guns and even a tank to wipe out the militants before discovering a terrifying weapons collection.

The dramatic footage from the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) shows commandos engaging in a fierce gunfight with Hamas at the hotel in Mulched, just north of the Gaza Strip.

Israeli soldiers are seen carefully combing through the destroyed site while wielding large guns as they try to hunt down the barbaric terrorists.

Troops then take cover as they fire several rounds of artillery at targets from a distance.

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At one point during the gunfire exchange, the IDF also used a tank to blast at one building, which crumbled in a huge cloud of smoke.

Following the raid on Hamas, the IDF confirmed a stockpile of weapons discovered by its troops were subsequently destroyed.

The dramatic video comes with the IDF making a terrifying discovery in an elementary school located in the war-torn Gaza Strip as the conflict with Hamas takes a sickening twist.

Israeli soldiers uncovered “dozens” of mortar shells hidden by Hamas militants in a kindergarten in the northern Gaza Strip.

They also found a swathe of weapons belonging to Hamas militants hidden in an elementary school.

The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit took to X (formerly Twitter) to share a video and pictures of the horrific discovery.

It wrote: “IDF soldiers from the Bislah Brigade located dozens of mortar bombs hidden by the Hamas terrorist organization in a kindergarten in the northern Gaza Strip.

“In addition, Golani patrol forces raided the ‘Al-Karmel’ elementary school, where the forces found weapons hidden by the Hamas terrorist organization.”

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