Published On: Mon, Nov 20th, 2023
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Moment Ukraine blows up two key Russian radar stations | World | News

This the dramatic moment Ukrainian fighters successfully targeted and blew up two Russian radar stations.

Ukraine scouts hit the two sophisticated radar stations operated by occupiers near the city of Dmitriev in Russia’s Kursk Oblast, the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine reported on Monday.

The Russian radars were detected on Saturday, with officials reporting that the specific stations targeted were 55Zh6 Nebo radar station and presumably the Gamma-S1E.

While the exact extent of the losses is not yet clear, Ukraine’s military has released a video capturing the moment the radars were attacked.

The Ukrainian military shared the footage on its Telegram channel and said: “An enemy radio equipment position was discovered near the village of Dmitriev, Kursk region.”

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The statement continued: “Two expensive Russian radar stations were damaged – the 55Zh6 Nebo radar and, probably, the Gamma-S1E radar.”

It comes as Ukrainian forces have been depleting Russian air defense and air assets to prepare for the arrival of Ukraine’s F-16 Western fighter jets.

Ukrainian intelligence reported on November 1 that special forces had identified and targeted a Russian radio relay station near Belgorod.

The military also shared a video earlier this week showing preparations for special raids into occupied Crimea.

Ukraine’s attack on the radar stations is already being perceived as a critical blow to Russia’s air defense capabilities.

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