Published On: Thu, Jul 4th, 2024
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New LG TV arrives in UK with clever upgrade Samsung and Sky can’t match

Samsung and Sky (with its Glass device) might be two of the most popular TV platforms for consumers but they can’t match a clever new feature now found on LG’s latest screens. The all-new OLED evo M4 series is available now in the UK and apart from one cable supplying the power they are completely wireless.

Yes, that means you can finally wave goodbye to that mass of messy wires that usually sit behind or under the display and ruin the look of your Grand Designs-style living room.

To make this magic happen, LG has developed a unique Zero Connect Box which can be tucked well out of sight. You then plug all of your accessories such as set-top boxes, game consoles or Fire TV Sticks into this device (rather than the TV itself) with content beamed to the television wirelessly.

LG says this speedy over-the-air connection can even cope with showing 4K content and you should never find the picture stuttering.

Explaining more, LG said: “Thanks to its wireless transfer capability, the Zero Connect Box can be placed almost anywhere in the room, letting users enjoy the flexibility to arrange their living space however they want to.

“Bringing numerous new possibilities to the art of ‘interior curation,’ the Zero Connect Box also enables users to effortlessly move the screen, or the Zero Connect Box itself, whenever necessary.”

Along with that nifty way of getting rid of electronic clutter, these hew tellies also promise to offer impressive picture quality.

LG says its OLED M4 boasts an impressive image thanks to a self-lit screen and the new α11 AI Processor tucked inside. That chip has been designed exclusively for use in LG’s OLED TVs, and not only improves upscaling and speed but also offers AI features such as personalisation for each member of the family.

It can also provide blazing 144Hz refresh rates for improved gaming action.

It all sounds pretty smart but that shouldn’t be a surprise when you see the price.

The 65-inch model costs a pretty hefty £3,799.99 but wait until you hear how much the 97-inch version will set you back. Those wanting to take delivery of this giant wireless TV will need a whopping £27,999.99 in their bank account. Ouch!

Both models are available now with more screen sizes – including 77 and 83-inch – expected to arrive later this year.

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