Published On: Wed, Jul 3rd, 2024
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New Loop earplugs range offer the best hearing protection yet | Music | Entertainment

Loop earplugs have continued to grow in popularity steadily over the past year.

We reviewed the first revision of their release, as well as their off-shoot product the Loop Switch.

Now, the Loop landscape has changed drastically over the past month.

Loop recently released their “2” series. The Loop Quiet 2, Experience 2 and Engage 2 have now hit the market. These new products, the company claims, gives wearers a more refined listening and living experience.

Continuing to be at the “forefront of hearing protection”, these new Loop products boast not only sleek new designs, but “improvements to comfort and fit” along the way.

Loop introduced three new core products in Quiet 2, Experience 2 and Engage 2, each with their own benefits.

Quiet 2 are aimed at “helping users drown out sounds and get into their bubbles for focus and sleep”.

With around 24 dB of noise reduction, these are perfect for users wanting to truly zone out.

Experience 2, on the other hand, are for nightlife events and live music. With up to 17 dB of noise reduction “without impacting sound quality”, these are the perfect option for fans of going out into loud environments.

Engage 2 are for the active social settings you may find yourself in. In an attempt to avoid or prevent sensory overload, these 16 dB levels of noise protection are designed for people to speak and interact in conversations without any “occlusion effect” (feeling like you’re speaking underwater).

Speaking out about these new products, Loop’s co-founder Maarten Bodewes said: “With these updates, we’re once again proving that feedback from users who love our products forms the beating heart of our groundbreaking product design.”

These products are available right now from the Loop website, which you can visit here.

Otherwise, there are also Loop products on sale at Amazon right now. You can look at their homepage here.

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