Published On: Thu, Jul 4th, 2024
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New Microsoft update shows end of Windows 10 may have started early

It’s been a long time coming but we might finally be seeing the first signs that Windows 10 is losing its lead over Windows 11. As most PC owners are now well aware, Windows 10 will lose all support from next year leaving millions that still use this ageing operating system exposed to unpatched threats and laptop-breaking bugs. October 2025 is the deadline that has been set for this end of life but despite endless warnings about its demise, millions continue to have it installed and running their PCs.

In fact, most stats have shown that Windows 10 still dominates when it comes to user numbers but that might finally be changing. New figures revealed by the team at Stat Counter show that, for the first time, the gap between Windows 10 and Windows 11 is closing.

Back in April 2024, Windows 10 had a 69.89 percent share of the market with Windows 11 registering just 26.19 percent. That’s now changed with June stats showing Windows 10 users are down to 66 percent with Windows 11 up to 29.75 percent – that’s the highest figure since it launched back in 2021.

Of course, this might just be a blip but it could also show that Microsoft’s drive to push people over to Windows 11 is finally working.

In a recent chat with the Redmond company said it wasn’t surprised by the current volume of users still on Windows 10 and remains confident people will switch.

“It doesn’t surprise me,” said Aaron Woodman, Vice President, Windows Marketing at Microsoft, when quizzed about Windows 10 user numbers.

“We had a bunch of customers on Windows 7 even after we launched Windows 10, until the end of support date for Windows 7. We’re actually ahead of the Windows 7 to Windows 10 transition.”

If you are still using Windows 10 you have until October 2025 to keep getting updates. After that time you’ll need to take action with three options available.

Firstly you can sign up and pay for Extended Security Updates (ESU) which Microsoft says it will offer for three years (consumer price is yet to be confirmed but business will pay around £40 per year).

If your PC is compatible with Windows 11 you can upgrade the software for free. If your PC is not compatible then sadly you’ll need to buy something new to keep things safe.

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