Published On: Wed, Jul 3rd, 2024
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Next James Bond movie ‘release date’ and the three directors ‘in contention’ | Films | Entertainment

According to World of Reel, All Quiet on the Western Front’s Edward Berger is under consideration at EON Productions. Other names include The King’s David Michod and Venom: The Last Dance’s Kelly Marcel.

Additionally, this outlet highlighted that the next Bond movie “is still a few years away. The earliest we’d be getting this 007 reboot is in 2027.” Meanwhile, some other scoopers who also picked up on the Berger rumours had more to say on X.

Deadline’s Justin Kroll tweeted: “All I’m gonna say on BOND is this, producers have had no filmmakers meetings with any potential candidates yet.”

Scooper Jeff Sneider replied: “There have been calls made. The idea that there hasn’t been is very funny to me. Does Barbara just sit at home all day playing Candy Crush?”

Kroll added: “This tweet is not a shot at Jeff, Berger could end up getting it. For whatever reason, this rumour ramped up in recent days and I made calls and according to people close to process no serious meetings about who will direct next Bond have happened in recent months. Little context.”

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