Published On: Tue, Mar 26th, 2024
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Nigel Farage in stitches as ULEZ protesters deploy ‘innovative’ tactic to thwart scheme | Politics | News

Nigel Farage was left in stitches by anti-ULEZ protesters using bat boxes to frustrate the scheme.

The animal boxes have been spotted on camera poles in parts of London in an apparent bid to prevent devices from being installed or fixed.

Bats are legally protected in Britain and it can be an offence to disturb them.

Speaking on his GB News show, a laughing Mr Farage said: “Anti-ULEZ protesters have moved on to a new tactic and I have to say generally when I think about ULEZ you’ve never heard me support blade runners or anything like that because law breaking is not good.

“But this one, probably is against the law, but I think it’s rather funny. Anti-ULEZ protesters have been putting bat boxes over the cameras.

“Of course once a bat goes in there under Natural England’s rules you can’t do anything to disturb the bats.”

The former UKIP leader went on: “Maybe I shouldn’t laugh but I do actually think it’s quite innovative and quite funny.”

The bat boxes have been spotted on camera poles in Chessington and North Cheam.

An activist told MyLondon: “The purpose of the bat box is to make it difficult for Transport for London (TfL) on any installation, be it a new pole before the camera is installed, or a pole where a camera has been damaged, removed or covered et cetera, and the team is returning to attempt to reinstall, repair or clean a camera.

“It will be interesting to see whether TfL and the subcontractors think that they are above the law regarding bats and will ignore any warnings.

“It is not for them to make the decisions and ignore what rules they think they can in order to enforce the unwanted ULEZ and install the required infrastructure to make money, especially when it comes to protected wildlife and protecting the environment.

“These bat boxes are spreading fast to provide habitats for wildlife, which is something Sadiq Khan loves to do for a photo opportunity and vanity project himself, such as with reintroducing beavers, supposedly for rewilding.”

Kingsley Hamilton, of the Action Against Unfair Ulez website, told The Sun: “I’m sure whoever is behind it is extremely grateful to TfL for providing the poles to house this protected species.

“Sadiq Khan will not want to be seen to be tampering with their homes after claiming to care so much about protecting the environment.”

The London Mayor sparked fury with his expansion of the ULEZ to cover the whole of the capital last August in a bid to boost air quality.

Under the scheme, drivers of the most polluting vehicles must pay a £12.50 daily charge to enter the zone.

A TfL spokesman said: “We will ensure our activities at these sites comply with relevant legislation.”

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