Published On: Tue, May 23rd, 2023
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Oasis reunion Noel Gallagher blasts coward brother Liam | Music | Entertainment

It’s the reunion that apparently everybody and nobody wants. 

Lead singer Liam Gallagher previously publicly said rather brutally that an Oasis reunion wouldn’t even need his songwriter brother to be there: “We’d have to get someone to do Noel’s parts, which wouldn’t be hard.”

The band broke up in 2009 after yet another fight between the siblings proved irreconcilable.

In a new interview, Noel pointed out that Liam seems to constantly talk about it in public but is too much of a “coward” to get in touch in private.

He also openly stated his position on what he would do if contact was made.

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Noel was speaking on Talk Sport when he was asked about the ongoing feud with Liam and the chances of a reunion: “He should call me.

“He’s forever going on about it. You’d have thought he’d have a plan. He doesn’t have to speak to me, I know he won’t speak to me, he’s a coward.

“He should get some of his people to call my people and say look this is what we’re thinking and then we’ll have a conversation about it. Until then he’s being a little bit disingenuous.”

Asked about whether he would be up for a reunion, Noel added: “I’ve always said that things are best left in the past.

“The thing with Liam, you read these things every day, he says it’s happening. So he gets people’s hopes up all over the world and then I get asked about it and I look like I’m dropping a big foot on it.”

He has a simple message for his brother: “Call me. Call me. Let’s hear what you’ve got to say.”

However, he also casts doubts on Liam’s true intentions.

Noel said: “I suspect that he doesn’t want to do it but he just likes saying that he does wanna do it. He’s got his own thing going on.

“He’s selling out Knebworth. Why does he want to share it with me for? I’m cool with what I’m doing. He’s smashing it. Why be disingenuous with people?

“If you’ve got a plan, give me a ring. I’m open to a conversation. Other than that stop playing with the kids. It’s not fair on the fans. It’s not fair.”

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