Published On: Thu, Jul 11th, 2024
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Passengers flying with major airlines warned over one packing mistake | Travel News | Travel

Passengers flying abroad for a summer getaway with the likes of Jet2, Ryanair, Easyjet and TUI have been warned over which items are banned on-board, with a suprising reminder about vapes.

Experts from Haypp have looked into some of the more confusing packing rules Brits face, with delays or even missed flights possible over small infractions. Fliers are currently allowed to bring vapes and e-cigarettes onboard, but with a few conditions.

“It turns out that vape devices and e-cigarettes should be packed in carry-on luggage only,” the firm said.

“Let’s not forget that you can take with you a maximum of 20 batteries. Meanwhile, refills and e-liquids must also be kept in hand luggage with a maximum bottle size of 100ml, as this relates to the 100ml rule in most airports.

“Both of these items need to be packed in your hand luggage”, they added. “This is due to the lithium batteries being inside the vape,” the experts explained, warning that if airport security finds the items in the wrong place they may confiscate them.

Taking a puff on a vape while onboard is prohibited as it can interfere with smoke detection systems and comprimise safety.

However, contrary to popular belief you are allowed to bring food in your hand luggage. “Even better if you want to keep costs low and avoid paying for an overpriced sandwich at the airport,” the firm says.

“This will include solid food such as a sandwich and snacks which are allowed,” though there are a few exceptions.

“Some foods that are spreadable like jam or hummus are not allowed though as they count towards your liquid allowance,” they warned.

Due to customs regulations you may have to eat or discard any uneaten foods before you land (depending on where it is), but provided it’s to eat on the plane and is in line with luggage rules you should have no issues, they said.

Meanwhile, Ryanair is urging passengers checking in luggage to follow a simple rule – especially if their luggage is black, navy or grey.

As part of Ryanair’s top luggage dos and don’ts, they explained: “Make it easier to spot your checked-in luggage on the carousel, especially if your luggage is black, navy or grey (like 99.9 percent of the population).

“Add a colourful luggage tag or ribbon to the handle so that there’s no confusion on arrival.”

Some travellers also opt to use elastic luggage strips which wrap around their suitcases, not only helping passengers to identify their bags more easily but also helping them stand out as they travel around the baggage carousel.

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