Published On: Tue, Feb 6th, 2024
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P&O Cruises wi-fi deal can be added to cruises years in the future | Travel News | Travel

A tourist planning to has shared a tip that cuts more than a quarter off the cost of on-board wi-fi.

Whilst a whole host of luxuries are , many companies still offer wi-fi connectivity at a premium, meaning it might pay to .

Posting to the Facebook group P&O Iona Cruise Tips and Hints, Vix Linton asked if a deal that P&O Cruises is offering for Valentine’s Day can be applied to .

She asked: “Does anyone know if the Valentine’s 28 percent off internet package is available for cruises in the autumn. I have already booked internet, but this is a far better deal.

“It appears the discount on the drinks package is only for taken by the end of March [2024] but I cannot see a date limit on the internet deal.”

Typically, P&O Cruises offers basic wi-fi, which allows guests on the ship to browse the web, social media and send emails, for £18 per day if it is booked on board, or £12 each day with a cruise plan.

The ‘Ultimate’ wi-fi package allows users to do a lot more, including video calling, however costs up to £24 per day, meaning tourists could pay £336 on wi-fi alone if they are planning to go on a fortnight’s cruise.

However, P&O Cruises is currently offering a deal for Valentine’s Day which cuts the cost of wi-fi by 28 percent.

Responding to Vix’s question, a number of Facebook users said that the deal could be applied to cruises long after Valentine’s Day.

One member wrote: “It certainly is if I try and book it for my cruise in June. I would cancel your current one and rebook. In the worst-case scenario, you’ll pay the same price, but hopefully you’ll pay the cheaper one.”

Another replied: “I booked the wi-fi with the discount for my cruise in August 2025!”

A number of cruisers found that, not only were they able to apply the deal to cruises in the coming months, some could get a better price on wi-fi for when they travel in more than a year’s time.

Many also recommended that those who have already paid for their wi-fi should cancel the current order and repurchase it with the deal in place.

Typically, passengers are able to do this by calling the customer contact centre line and asking to cancel a current package.

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