Published On: Fri, Feb 9th, 2024
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Russian President Vladimir Putin used an interview with former Fox News host Tucker Carlson to urge Washington to recognise Moscow’s interests and persuade Ukraine to sit down for talks.

During the interview, the Russian President issued a stark warning, threatening global conflict if the United States deploys troops to Ukraine.

“We have to look for a way out of this situation,” he said, hinting at potential back-channel peace talks between Washington and Moscow.

While confirming the existence of certain contacts, Putin refused to provide further details. However, he stressed the gravity of sending regular troops, adding: “If somebody has the desire to send regular troops, that would certainly bring humanity to the brink of a very serious global conflict.”

Following Putin’s interview with Carlson, readers are being asked if Russia should be declared a terrorist state.

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Accusing Boris Johnson of sabotaging a peace deal with Ukraine, Putin responded to Carlson’s question about the former British prime minister’s alleged interference in negotiations. Putin claimed that Johnson’s actions during a surprise trip to Kyiv in 2022 disrupted the peace talks, according to Ukraine‘s chief negotiator, David Arahamiya.

Putin accused Johnson of talking Ukrainian leaders out of signing a potential peace agreement, thereby prolonging the conflict by 18 months. Johnson vehemently denied these accusations, labelling them as “total nonsense” and “Russian propaganda”.

Addressing the question of Ukraine‘s autonomy, Carlson asked Putin if Ukraine was merely a “satellite” for the West.

“We have never refused negotiations,” Putin responded. “You should tell the current Ukrainian leadership to stop and come to a negotiating table.”

Putin warned that the West will never succeed in inflicting a “strategic defeat” on Russia in Ukraine and rejected allegations that Russia was harbouring plans to attack Poland or other NATO countries.

It was Putin’s first interview with a Western media figure since his full-scale invasion of Ukraine two years ago.

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