Published On: Wed, May 8th, 2024
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Premium Bonds fury at ‘woeful service’ as stumped customer seeks NS&I’s help | Personal Finance | Finance

An NS&I customer was frustrated to be locked out of their account even though they provided the correct answers to the security questions.

The unhappy saver contacted the Premium Bonds provider over X to ask: “Trying to transfer some money from my account says answers to security questions are incorrect (which they are not) now locked me out!

“Is this just so I can’t get at my money! Shocking service and website in my opinion.”

A representative said in response: “We’re sorry to hear you’re having trouble managing your account online.

“If you are a resident in the UK, we’d advise that you please call us and ask to speak to an agent as our telephony team can look to reset your access today.”

The customer said they had tried this but hadn’t got any further. They said: “Well I did and due to the random questions I was asked they couldn’t help.

“Still locked out of my account, now having to fill two online forms to request my money and wait for the post to reset my account.

“Meanwhile losing a higher interest rate and my time. NS&I woeful service!”

NS&I then asked them to clarify they were referring to the personal security questions, such as being asked for your father’s middle name or questions about your credit file.

The person said the questions they were asked referred to their credit file. They explained: “They were so random.

“Impossible to answer and nobody asked my saved security questions? Can you remember what you did in 2017?”

The representative then said: “Unfortunately, your saved security questions will not have been used as these will have been wiped due to incorrectly answering these on multiple attempts earlier, which had resulted in your online access being temporarily suspended.”

The frustrated customer then said: “My argument is I did use the correct answers but it has to be in the correct format or upper case lower case so how am I supposed to remember that.

“Also the other questions are so random it’s impossible to answer. Questions were rushed and not either clear or logical.”

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