Published On: Wed, Jun 7th, 2023
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Princess Kate wearing the same colour ‘means something’, claims expert

“We either have a Princess of Wales who is the biggest closet Barbie fan ever or she is just embracing this colour, being fashionable and enjoying herself,” Miranda commented.

However, the expert suggested that there could be a “deeper reason” behind it as “we know from all our royal research that every style decision is absolutely considered and deliberated, even the colour she wears”.

“Especially when it comes to Kate’s wardrobe, so we know all this pink means something,” the fashion expert opined.

She continued: “If this profusion of pink was a coincidence, it might have happened once or twice but there is no way it would have happened four times.”

In colour psychology, “which the royals pay attention to”, pink is fun, feminine, flirty and romantic, “so the perfect colour to wear to a celebration of love, a royal wedding in Jordan,” Miranda commented.

Considering the other pink looks as well, however, “there is something deeper going on,” she claimed.

The expert opined that the Prince and Princess of Wales may be “going to switch gear in some way” or “either Kate is going to announce a new role within the Firm,” she suggested.

“Or maybe Kate is currently being rebranded as a softer and more gentle version of herself.

“We saw a lot of business Kate in power suits at the beginning of the year and I suspect that following the Coronation, we are going to have a change in tone,” she claimed.

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