Published On: Sat, Sep 16th, 2023
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Putin humiliated as deadly missile goes off track and ‘falls into wheat field’ | World | News

A Russian hypersonic missile had to be blown up after being discovered in a wheat field in Russia, not Ukraine, by mistake.

The 9,200 mph Kinzhal – which translates as Dagger – had been scheduled to hit western Ukraine on August 11 from a supersonic MiG-31 warplane.

But it simply tumbled to the ground, narrowly missing four villages in Russia’s Tula region, and failing to explode.

Despite this, the Russian defence ministry reported a successful strike on Ukraine.

A month later the £2.1 million missile was discovered sticking out of the ground by farmworkers.

The army was called and locals evacuated in Brodilovka and three other villages in Teplo-Ogarevsky district.

Locals who believed a kamikaze drone had fallen in the vicinity were told only that the nuclear-capable high-speed missile was an “explosive device”.

Farmers were upset that their cattle and pets were not also evacuated.

A controlled explosion saw a giant fireball blast and an ominous smoke trail into the sky.

The dropping of the missile from the warplane was due to an “abnormal operation of the system,”according to Telegram channel Cheka-OGPU.

The incident represents a humiliation for Vladimir Putin who has been the driving force in developing hypersonic missiles in Russia.

The military “out of habit had reported the successful defeat of all targets”, on the day the missile was supposed to have been unleashed on Ivano-Frankivsk region in western Ukraine.

Other Kinzhal missiles struck an airfield in an attack intended to hit young pilots training to fly Western warplanes, according to reports.

An eight-year-old boy was killed.

An initial plan was to evacuate the missile and repair it but this was ultimately seen as too dangerous.

“It took seven buses and a couple of hundred military personnel to evacuate local residents,” said the Telegram channel.

But locals “were not allowed to take their domestic [including farm] animals with them”.

Another report said that residents heard a “strong explosion” which officials explained as “destruction of ammunition by the military”.

No casualties were reported from the explosion.

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