Published On: Thu, Sep 14th, 2023
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Putin keeps bodyguard by his washing machine over fears of assassination | World | News

Vladimir Putin is so paranoid about being assassinated that he even has a bodyguard stationed at his washing machine, the depot’s former security officer has revealed.

Vitaly Brizhatiy, who is said to be a former member of the president’s security team at a residence used by him in Crimea, made a number of incredible revelations during an interview with an independent Russian TV station.

Putin has become one of the most hated people in the world following Russia‘s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, which has killed hundreds of thousands of troops and innocent civilians.

Brizhatiy, a former guard, reported to have been in charge of the dogs at Putin’s palace in Olivye, fled Russia and now lives in Ecuador.

During the media interview, he revealed Putin barely trusts his own security team and even uses armed divers to search for assassins at his private beaches.

He told TV Rain in Russia: “This is how much he fears for his life. Even the position of washing machine operator had to be staffed by an officer.”

Brizhaty also claimed that when the Russian president would arrive in Crimea, he would frequently provide his own security team with false information – including where exactly he was staying.

The former security said: “People were told ‘he’s resting at the dacha’ and everybody is running around guarding him but he could be in another place altogether.”

He also described Olivye, Putin’s huge palace in the annexed peninsula, as a luxury “mini-city”

Brizhaty continued: “It’s a fantasy place. There are fitness halls, fountains, beautiful parks, tea house barbecue zones, and beaches.”

But since the start of the war in Ukraine, the former security guard said security has been ramped up – with the number of guard dogs in use tripling to six.

It has also been claimed that civilian contractors are mostly banned from the huge residence and when staff arrive there, they are required to hand over their mobile phones.

Another FSO officer who fled Russia claimed in order to trick people into thinking he was returning to Moscow, the Russian president would send decoy motorcades from his house near Sochi.

Putin is understood be more paranoid and fearful for his own life than ever before as the fury in Russia over his failing war plan in Ukraine continues to intensify.

During his time in the Kremlin hot seat, he is claimed to have survived six assassination attempts, while over recent months, he has made fewer public appearances.

The latest stunning claims come with the world on red alert after Putin met fellow tyrant and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in Moscow, with the two seemingly cementing and strengthening their relationship.

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