Published On: Wed, Jul 3rd, 2024
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Putin’s secret tunnels underneath doomsday bunker revealed | World | News

Vladimir Putin has a secret hi-tech bunker that can accommodate potentially thousands of people in the event of a nuclear war, reports claim.

The Russian President has threatened to unleash atomic armageddon on the world if the West won’t let him get his way in Ukraine.

The prospect of such a cataclysmic event appears to hold no fears for the Russian leader, as he ratchets up the pressure on NATO.

This may be because the Kremlin boss has gone to great lengths to ensure that he and his family will survive any potential nuclear attack on Russia.

A property complex, ostensibly belonging to energy giant Gazprom, has been built near the confluence of the Ursul and Katun rivers in the Altai Mountains.

Designed by Italian architects, the Altai Yard is located some 135 miles south of the regional capital Gorno-Altaisk, and 2,375 miles east of Moscow.

But it is believed to be a cover for a secret hi-tech bunker, potentially accommodating thousands of people, including Putin’s family and wider circle, as well as his servants and security retinue – in the event of a nuclear war.

Multiple ventilation points have been observed in the grounds surrounding the mountain hideout.

There is also a high-voltage line linked to an ultra-modern 110-kilovolt substation, enough to power a small city.

Locals claimed that vast German tunnel diggers were deployed to the site during its construction.

The palace’s tunnels are said to provide escape routes abroad to China, Mongolia and Kazakhstan should Putin and his cronies need to flee Russia.

Putin has a penchant for expensive palaces and has built himself one on the Black Sea coast in the Krasnodar region of Russia.

Gelendzhik Palace cost allegedly one billion pounds to build and was the subject of an investigation by the late Alexey Navalny, who claimed it was paid for “with the largest bribe in history”.

The palace also comes with its very own huge underground bunker, according to the design plans of the complex.

A network of tunnels lying 50 metres under the surface leads to the bunker.

It appears to have a ventilation system, sewerage and a freshwater supply, while the walls are 15-inch concrete shells, as shown in the diagrams.

There is also an elevator shaft that connects the complex to two tunnels, as revealed in one diagram.

The lower one has a walkway to the beach, as well as cable racks that could be used to bring electricity, lighting and fibre-optic cables to a command post.

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