Published On: Sat, Mar 30th, 2024
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QUIZ: How well do you know the Royals? | Royal | News

The British Royal family has been a major global discussion point for hundreds of years. In fact we as a nation have been talking about them for roughly 1200 years, across the reigns of no less than 63 monarchs.

The modern Royal family, lead both a private and very public life at the same time and captivates us with significant occasions like coronation ceremonies, royal weddings, and baby announcements, and perhaps with a little controversy every few years or so.

However, the most recent events to affect the Royal family were the cancer diagnosis of King Charles III and the new Princess of Wales, and the decision by Prince Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, to resign from their senior Royal duties.

All this leaves us wondering who’s left to pick up the workload. Well we are blessed with back ups in our constitution, so we at the Express have compiled a Royal who’s who quiz for you. See if you can identify our other royals in our picture parade.

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