Published On: Sun, May 21st, 2023
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Republican senator predicts Trump ‘cannot win’ the 2024 election against Joe Biden | US | News

Republican Bill Cassidy has predicted that Donald Trump would lose the 2024 election against Joe Biden if he were to receive the nomination.

The Louisiana Senator pointed to Trump-backed candidates’ relatively poor performance during the 2022 midterms in swing states which will be crucial in 2024.

“We saw in all the swing states, almost all – Georgia, Pennsylvania, Nevada and Arizona – the candidates for Senate that Trump endorsed all lost,” Cassidy said on CNN’s State of the Union.

He continued: “If the past is prologue, that means President Trump is going to have a hard time in the swing states, which means he cannot win a general election.”

Host Jake Tapper had asked the senator what he thought of remarks made by Ron DeSantis in a private fundraising call in which he asserted that only he, Trump and Joe Biden had a credible route to the presidency in 2024, according to the New York Times.

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“And I think of those three, two have a chance to get elected president – Biden and me,” said DeSantis.

The Florida Governor is the only Republican who has polled anywhere close to Trump in the past, although the former president has since pulled ahead. DeSantis has not yet declared his intention to run but is widely expected to announce later this week.

Cassidy said that the Florida Governor’s comments were a “nice way” to “diss” other candidates including US senator from South Carolina Tim Scott who filed election paperwork last week showing his intent to run.

Cassidy called Scott a “pretty formidable candidate”.

He agreed with DeSantis, however, that Trump could be beaten by Joe Biden in 2024 as he was in 2020.

Still, despite his legal woes, Trump has led in recent polls by a wide margin with DeSantis coming in second.

The MAGA wing of the Republican Party has stuck by the former president likely leaving a growing number of primary challengers fighting over GOP members who do not wish to vote for Trump.

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