Published On: Sun, Mar 31st, 2024
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Rishi Sunak urged to do three things to win the election | Politics | News

Rsihi Sunak and the Conservatives could enjoy a surge in support if the party can present a plan to save the NHS, new research suggests. 42 per cent of people say such a plan would make them more likely to vote Tory, according to polling by WeThink.

More than a quarter (27 per cent) said a promise of tax cuts would also make them more likely to support the governing party.

And one in five (21 per cent) said the take off of flights carrying migrants to Rwanda would encourage them to vote Conservative.

A Government source said progress is being made in all these areas, stating: “This Conservative government has a long term workforce plan for the NHS so that we train the doctors and nurses we need for the future.”

One of the biggest challenges facing the Conservatives is convincing the electorate the party still has a chance of winning the election.

One in three people (32 per cent) think the PM has no chance of leading the Tories to victory.

One crumb of comfort for Mr Sunak is that only 35 per cent of people think a change of leader would improve the party’s chances, with 65 per cent saying this would worsen its fortunes or make no difference.

The polling found that 17 per cent of people would be more likely to back Mr Sunak’s party if the Government provided extra funding for the military.

The source said the Government is “spending a record amount on defence, the most of any European nation, and are committed spending more when we can responsibly”.

Turning their guns on Sir Keir Starmer’s party, they said: “Labour has no plan to cut taxes, no plan to stop the boats and no plan to boost defence. They are dangerous in their cluelessness and would take us back to square one.”

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