Published On: Wed, May 15th, 2024
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Royal Caribbean cruise ship splits opinion as some say it’s a ‘floating mall’ | Cruise | Travel

Royal Caribbean launched the world’s biggest cruise ship, Icon of the Seas, and it’s fair to say the mammoth vessel has had a mixed reaction.

While some passengers couldn’t wait to board the 20-deck ship, one person said it looked like it had been designed by a clown.

On Reddit, one cruise fan said: “Although it does have a number of amenities, the thought of that many people on a ship is a big ‘No Go’ for us. How big is too big for your cruise ship enjoyment?”

Icon of the Seas can carry more than 5,000 guests and 2,300 crew so it’s definitely not the right holiday choice for those looking for peace and quiet.

Another person said: “It’s not the size that turns me off, it’s the fact that it’s basically a floating mall that makes me not interested at all.”

One cruise fan said: “They focus everything on the inside of the ship, ignoring the ocean aspect.

“You have to search out places to actually see the ocean. Plus, with that many people on board, there are logistic problems – lines, the huge swarm of people getting off at ports. It’s just not an enjoyable way to cruise.”

Cruise guests may have to queue to use some of the facilities or to disembark on some of the bigger ships.

However, cruise lines often have procedures in place to ease congestion and passengers will usually be assigned a time to disembark.

Despite the criticism, some guests loved Icon of the Seas’ design. One guest said: “Royal Caribbean knows how to design them well.”

Another person said: “The layout of this ship is truly magnificent. I’ve been on many Royal cruises and this ship is a whole new level. I have to see it.”

‌One guest said they loved the ship, adding: “We are very active anyway so the large size didn’t seem too large when transiting from one end to the other at all.

“It’s also nice to have so many indoor spaces to hang out in if the weather isn’t cooperating.”

Whatever your preference, there are cruise holidays to suit all tastes, with smaller ships on offer for passengers who prefer a more exclusive experience.

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