Published On: Thu, Apr 4th, 2024
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Russia declares ‘direct confrontation’ with NATO as US says there’s no ‘imminent threat’ | World | News

Shapps, writing in the Telegraph, said: “We must look beyond that target to shore up our defences. Yet some nations are still failing to meet even the two percent. That cannot continue. We can’t afford to play Russian roulette with our future.”

Trump has gone one step further, suggesting that countries that don’t spend enough on the alliance simply won’t be protected from Russian aggression.

The 11 countries which met the two percent target last year were the UK, US, Denmark, Slovakia, Hungary, Latvia, Finland, Lithuania, Estonia, Greece and Poland.

Seeking to quell fears of Russian attacks, US ambassador to NATO Julianne Smith said this week that the US sees no reason to worry as of yet.

“Right now, we see Russia all in and engaged with this unprovoked war of aggression inside Ukraine. But we do not have indicators or warnings right now that a Russian war is imminent on NATO territory, and I really want to be clear about that,” she said.

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