Published On: Fri, Sep 15th, 2023
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Russia humiliated as entire Black Sea fleet ‘deceived’ in latest Ukraine win | World | News

Ukrainian Special Forces have recaptured the strategically important Boyko Towers, dealing a major blow to Putin’s Russian naval operations in the Black Sea.

The operation, which had been planned for six weeks not only secured the towers but also provided Ukrainian forces with valuable intelligence on Russian military technology.

A Special Forces officer revealed the details of the operation in an interview on Ukrainian television, as he said: “We deceived the entire Russian fleet.”

He mentioned that among the seized assets was the Neva system, which can be disassembled and analysed for both software and hardware information.

He said: “It has a lot of useful information that can give us some answers to our questions.”

The Boyko Towers, which had previously been under Ukrainian control, fell to Russia, leading to a major threat to Ukraine‘s maritime security.

The towers contain valuable equipment for reconaissance operations in the bitter war.

The recapture of the towers struck a significant blow to Russia‘s dominance in the Black Sea.

The officer added: “We have severely restricted the Russians’ activity in the Black Sea, namely in the waters of Zmiinyi Island. We pushed them back to the shores of Crimea.”

The operation effectively limits Russia‘s manoeuvrability in the region and marks a clear setback for their ambitions in the Black Sea.

The officer also acknowledged the risk of Russian attempts to retake the lost positions. However, Ukrainian special forces are fully prepared to push back.

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