Published On: Tue, Apr 2nd, 2024
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Ryanair holiday warning as British tourists could be turned away at the gate | Travel News | Travel

Ryanair has issued an urgent holiday warning to British tourists flying away this spring and summer, urging holidaymakers to adhere to its strict luggage rules.

The budget airline has recently warned travellers about check-in bags, with one error meaning people might not be allowed board their flight.

When people book with Ryanair they have the option of bringing a small personal bag on the plane with them, but it is possible to pay a little more to check in large bags.

These bags can weigh a maximum of 20kg depending on the type of luggage booked in advance. As with other types of luggage, there are dimensional requirements.

A 20kg bag should be no larger than 80 x 120 x 120cm. However, Ryanair’s bag policy states that anyone who arrives at the boarding gate with their checked-in bag has to pay an extra fee of £11 per extra kilo of luggage.

If customers don’t follow Ryanair’s rules on luggage, there is a chance they could be prevented from boarding their flight.

Their airline’s policy says: “If you have purchased a check-in bag, you must check this in at the bag drop desk at the airport.”

They added: “If you bring your check-in bags to the boarding gate, you will have to pay a fee per bag, to place them in the aircraft hold.

“If you do not pay the gate bag fee you will not be able to board your flight.”

Ryanair can also charge extra if someone forgets to check in online. The fee for checking in at the airport is a staggering £55. What’s more, if someone needs to change their flight details online, it’s £45 for each person going in each direction.

The cost of changing a name online is even higher at a massive £115, increasing the cost of a low-cost trip which rises by a further £100 if a passenger misses their flight.

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