Published On: Fri, Nov 17th, 2023
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Ryanair passenger sparks chaos and she screams ‘f*** you’ at flight attendant

A passenger was recorded screaming and shouting at fellow passengers and cabin crew before storming off the plane during

The video of the incident quickly went viral, with viewers shocked by her behaviour.

“F*** you and f*** off,” she yelled at a passenger, then turned her anger towards the

In another video, she can be seen shouting at the cabin crew as she gathers her belongings to leave the plane.

“Ryanair can f***ing suck my f***ing c**t,” she shouted at a male employee.

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“I’m gay,” he replied, causing laughter among the passengers.

The woman, who seems to have a Welsh accent, has not been identified, and it’s unclear where the incident took place.

The video starts with the woman shouting in the aisle before take-off, while other passengers sit quietly in their seats.

It’s unclear what caused her outburst, but she can be heard saying: “I look after my boy every single day!”

“Just another typical flight with RyanAir!” one viewer commented after watching the video.

A second person complained about the other passengers on Ryanair, saying they were forced to mix with the general public on the popular budget airline. 

This Ryanair passenger is just one of many who have become internet-famous this year after causing a disturbance on flights. 

In August, a woman from Dallas named Tiffany Gomes had a tantrum on a Delta flight, turning her into a social media sensation – but it seems she’s enjoying her new fame, as she brought a film crew with her on a recent flight.

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