Published On: Thu, Jul 11th, 2024
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Ryanair warns passengers not to make hold luggage mistake | Travel News | Travel

Arriving at the airport baggage hall to a sea of identical-looking suitcases is not uncommon, with most passengers opting for dark, plain-coloured luggage for their holidays. According to Ryanair, this is a common mistake which a vast proportion of the population makes – and one which can cause unnecessary confusion and extend wait times at the airport.

The budget airline has urged passengers checking in luggage to follow a simple rule – especially if their luggage is black, navy or grey.

As part of Ryanair’s top luggage do’s and don’ts, they explained: “Make it easier to spot your checked-in luggage on the carousel, especially if your luggage is black, navy or grey (like 99.9 percent of the population).

“Add a colourful luggage tag or ribbon to the handle so that there’s no confusion on arrival.”

You can purchase brightly coloured luggage tags from the likes of Boots or Amazon for less than £5, however, something as simple as a colourful keyring or some leftover ribbon you might have lying around at home can do the trick.

Some travellers also opt to use elastic luggage strips which wrap around their suitcases, not only helping passengers to identify their bags more easily but also helping them stand out as they travel around the baggage carousel.

Passengers travelling with hand luggage items that might not be easily identifiable may also want to consider opting for a colourful ribbon or baggage tag.

In rare cases, the airline may require some passengers to check in their cabin bag at the last minute.

On Ryanair’s website, the airline explains that in some cases, if overhead lockers become full, some passengers may be asked to check their luggage in. Though this will be free of charge, it’s worth making sure you can spot your bag if it does end up going into the hold.

How much is it to check in a bag with Ryanair?

Ryanair may be known for its purse-friendly flights but these budget prices can suddenly rise when you start adding on extra hand or hold luggage. For passengers travelling with hold luggage, the cost of checking your suitcase in can vary depending on a few factors. Each passenger can purchase up to three checked bags at 10kg or 20kg.

These can be purchased either when making the initial booking or can be added to a booking up to two hours before the scheduled flight departure time.

In all cases, it is cheaper to purchase your checked-in luggage in advance before arriving at the airport. Luggage purchased at the airport tends to be considerably higher.

When purchased in advance, the cost of a checked bag starts from £25 but this price can double to as much as £50 per suitcase when done at the airport.

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