Published On: Wed, May 8th, 2024
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Santander slammed as ‘sickening’ ordeal leaves teenage account holder stranded | Personal Finance | Finance

A mum has hit out at after her daughter was left without access to her account while she was miles away from home.

Over a week after the distressing incident, the young woman still had no access to her bank account.

The mum said in an initial message to the bank’s UK help team over X on April 30: “Worse bank ever to leave a young teen on her own, in city she’s never been with no money or access to her account.

“Sickening. She’s never been overdrawn in years she’s had account.”

A representative of the bank replied: “Once the investigation is completed they will contact the customer back and give an update. May I ask, is the account holder currently abroad?”

The worried parent said: “No they are in UK, hundreds of miles from home, at a uni offer holders day you ruined.

“They are literally on a street, phone in hand, as we try to find way sort out this mess so they can eat and pay for accommodation.”

Santander encouraged the mum to ask her daughter to email so the team could provide help.

The mum said in response: “You asked her to get in touch to be told that you can’t reinstate access to her account and she could go to a branch and see if they can help but you admit they are closed until tomorrow.”

The bank then said they had spoken to the teenager and had requested she visit a branch “as a next step with ID document”.

The distraught parent said: “And that helps her tonight with paying for food and accomodation how?

“She’s safe left overnight with no money? You froze her account so I can’t send her any. Would you be happy if it was your daughter?”

The mum said in a later tweet that her daughter was instructed to go to a branch in York but this was already closed.

Over a week later, on May 8, the mum replied to the X thread to say her daughter was still unable to access her account.

She said: “Still waiting for response from Santander on when my daughter can access her account. We had to get a friend to travel two hours to help her when they left her stranded in strange city with no access to money.

“No bank should get away with making a young girl vulnerable like that.”

A representative from the bank said: “Sorry to hear this is still under review.

“Whilst we can’t determine how long an investigation will take, we would like to apologise for the inconvenience caused. Your daughter is welcome to give us a call for any updates.”

The mum spoke of her frustration that it was left to her daughter to have to follow up the case.

She said: “She’s moving banks as soon as possible as is my son, who holds an account with you.

“Our discussions are with regulator on complaint as I’ve worked in banking and leaving a young girl in those circumstances as santander did is not acceptable.”

The representative responded: “We will always contact customers once an investigation is complete. We’d like to apologise again, as it isn’t our intention to cause customers any inconvenience, especially when it comes to security.” has asked Santander for comment.

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