Published On: Thu, Sep 14th, 2023
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Side hustles: Woman earns up to £81,000 a month from ‘easy’ Etsy side hustle’ | Personal Finance | Finance

One woman is sharing how she is able to make the equivalent of up to £81,000 from her “simple and easy” side hustle.

Cassiy Johnson from Howell, Michigan only has to work 30 minutes a day designing T-shirts on Etsy.

Entrepreneurs are able to create and sell their own clothing and products on the e-commerce platform.

Wanting a second source of income after being furloughed during the pandemic, Ms Johnson launched a T-shirt design business on Etsy in May 2023.

According to the entrepreneur, she only has to spend 30 minutes per day managing her side hustle which she does from her phone.

Outside of her second job, Ms Johnson works in sales where she makes around $17 (£13.67) per hour.

The year after she started her business, the side hustler made $90,000 (£72,000) from Etsy and opted to make it her full-time job.

Based on the documents reviewed by CNBC: Make It, the store has earned over $766,400 (£616,000) with around a third of this sum being profit.

In her highest-earning month to date, Ms Johnson brought in $100,900 (£81,000) from her side hustler-turned-business.

Her success has allowed her to create two extra businesses and given her husband the opportunity to quit his job.

Speaking to CNBC, the businesswoman the road she took to get her side hustle where it is today.

She explained: “My husband was having a really stressful time at work, and I knew we could live off $90,000 (£72,000) [per year].

“It was a magical time, to be able to be like, ‘You know what, honey, just quit your job.’”

Outside of her Etsy business selling customised shirts, Ms Johnson has grown into other revenue streams.

These include a YouTube channel which has amassed 118,000 followers and outpaced her Etsy followers in the last six months.

The businesswoman added: “It’s a grind. You have to do the easy stuff every day for weeks months and years on end until it works.

“Then, you have to constantly stay up-to-date on your trend research, so your products can remain competitive against every other print-on-demand seller.”

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