Published On: Mon, May 13th, 2024
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Sky offers you cheapest ever iPhone 15 Pro but we found an Apple deal that’s even better

But given the iPhone 15 Pro costs £999 if you buy it in one go from Apple, that means the Sky deal would cost you £369 – that equates to £10.25 per month for the 5GB plan. That’s not a terrible deal by any means, but there’s a way to get the latest iPhone from that works out cheaper, and you will pay it off sooner.

You can get the exact same 128GB iPhone 15 Pro on the iD Mobile network (that’s using Vodafone’s airwaves) with 100GB data and unlimited calls and texts for £38.99 per month and £49 upfront, but only over 24 months. That’s £984.76 in total over two years for 100GB monthly data rather than £1,368 over three years for a measly 5GB data per month.

It means the offer is actually less than the £999 Apple will charge you for the iPhone on its own, without the huge 100GB data plan!

This goes to show it’s always worth shopping around when you see a deal for a new smartphone. In the UK, we find that deals from the big brands are often not as good as other, smaller sellers – though it’s worth noting that both these contract deals will go up in price midway through the contract, in line with annual price rises each April. So, those two totals will be slightly more, as we can only work out the cost as it stands now.

View the iPhone 15 Pro deal here technology editor Dave Snelling reviewed the iPhone 15 Pro on its release and called it “the ultimate iPhone”.

“The greatest thing about the new Pro phones is that Apple has ditched the previous Stainless Steel finish and used titanium instead,” he said, noting the phone is lighter in the hand than previous Pro iPhones.

Photography on the 15 Pro was also great, and “offers a big boost to what was already a very good rear snapper. Tucked on the back of the standard Pro model is a triple-lens system which includes a 48MP Main sensor alongside ultrawide and telephoto options.”

Overall, Snelling awarded the iPhone 15 Pro a rare five star rating.

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