Published On: Sun, Feb 4th, 2024
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Snooker star leaves crowd in stitches as he’s too short to make shot | Other | Sport

The German Masters crowd could not help but laugh as Si Jiahui struggled to take a shot during his semi-final win over Kyren Wilson on Saturday. The Chinese star was on the verge of victory but during a safety battle with his opponent, could not reach the cue ball as he tried to make his play.

Si was able to make his first-ever ranking final at the Tempodrom in Berlin after coming back from 4-0 down in the first-to-six contest. He rattled off an incredible run of five frame victories in a row, before a nervy ninth frame took place.

The 27th seed had seen his momentum halted by Wilson, who started strong with a long pot. However, he could only make a break of 10 before Si fluked a red that set him on his way to a 47-10 lead, which was then extended to 56-15 with only eight balls left on the table.

A safety battle then commenced and Si was left in a position where the two reds were located on the bottom cushion close to each other, with the cue ball ever so slightly off to the left. His ideal shot would be to clip the nearest red and then send the cue back up the table.

However, that appeared more difficult than expected. Si needed to go to the opposite end of the table at the top cushion to get the necessary angle on the cue, but when leaning over to take the shot he was unable to reach the white ball.

The 21-year-old hotshot had already put an extension on his cue, but he still did not have enough length to reach the ball and the German Masters crowd erupted into laughter. Si himself had a smirk on his face, before Eurosport commentator Philip Studd joked that he needed a “fishing rod” to make the shot.

The referee brought the rest and a second extension, much to the crowd’s delight, as Si had another look at the shot but still was unconvinced and continued to mull over whether there was a better angle.

That did not exist and Si took on the challenge, finally making contact and clipped the red perfectly behind the black and kept the cue ball safe back up the other end of what must have felt like a very long table.

It was the latest eye-raising incident in an eventful tournament, after Mark Allen previously smashed the table in rage despite advancing against Joe O’Connor.

Wilson escaped his snooker but missed the blue and allowed Si back to the table, where he blasted home a yellow, blue and pink to seal his place in the final on Sunday.

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