Published On: Thu, Apr 4th, 2024
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Spain holiday warning as Brits told they will need two documents to enter | Travel News | Travel

UK holidaymakers planning a trip to Spain this summer are being told they’ll need more than just their luggage and passports. The UK Foreign Office has said that tourists will need ‘additional documents’ when visiting Spain. Since Brexit, the rules for Brits travelling to countries in the Schengen area have changed.

Now those coming from outside the zone, including the UK, may face extra checks at the border. Apart from passports, UK travellers are being told to bring two more documents with them on the plane, ready to show at border control. This includes a valid return or onward ticket, such as the return leg of a plane ticket.

Travellers might also need to show proof of where they’re staying, like a hotel booking receipt or an address if they’re visiting a second home or friends or family. They can show a paper copy of their booking or an email on their phone, reports the Mirror.

On top of these two documents, holidaymakers might also be asked to prove they have enough money for their stay. The Spanish government’s website says the current minimum amount expected per person per day is 113.40, which is about £97.

So not only will travellers need to prove their length of stay and where they are staying, but they will also need to be able tp prove they have enough cash for their trip. Cash, cheques or credit cards can be used for proof, it’s reported.

There are some discrepancies over how often this rule is enforced, but Brits are urged to carry such proof just in case.

The UK Foreign Office stated: “If you enter the Schengen area as a tourist, you may need to provide additional documents at the border.

“As well as a valid return or onward ticket, when travelling to Spain you could be asked to show you have enough money for your stay; proof of accommodation for your stay, for example a hotel booking confirmation, proof of address if visiting your own property (such as second home) [or] an invitation or proof of address if staying with a third party, friends or family.

“A carta de invitation completed by your hosts is one of the options available.”

Another thing to keep an eye on iare passport expiries. It should be valid for three months after planning to leave the Schengen area and less than 10 years old on the day of arrival.

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