Published On: Mon, May 22nd, 2023
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Spain ranked as Europe’s sunniest destination with 6 ‘sun-soaked’ hotspots | Travel News | Travel

Many Britons seek out hot, sunny destinations for their summer holidays, and is a popular choice.

The bright daytime weather and picturesque sunsets make it a sought-after destination, and according to new research, there’s good reason for it.

Experts at Travel Lingual ranked Europe’s top 10 sunniest cities based on historical weather data, and Spain came out on top.

Alicante, a beloved city in the costa blanca region was placed first, with a staggering 349 hours of sun per month.

While the top spot was closely followed by Catania in , five other Spanish destinations made the cut.

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Travel blogger and Travel Lingual owner James Smith said: “These sunniest destinations in Europe offer fantastic weather, rich cultural experiences, stunning landscapes, and mouth-watering cuisine.

“This data serves as a fantastic starting point for planning a sun-filled vacation while discovering the diverse beauty of Europe.”

“Topping the list, Alicante, Spain, offers visitors an average of 4,188 hours of sunshine per year, perfect for seaside fun, vibrant neighbourhoods, and picturesque beaches.

“Other sun-soaked cities like Catania, Italy, and Nice, France, also provide unique experiences and abundant sunshine for warmth-seeking adventurers.”

Among the other top spots in Spain were Murcia, Malaga, Valencia, Las Palmas and Granada – all of which are famed for different reasons.

While Murcia and Valencia boast rich culture, ranging from Baroque-style churches to modern planetariums and an oceanarium, Malaga is better known for its bright white beaches and glistening waters.

Britons headed to Granada will find grand examples of medieval architecture throughout the Andalucian setting.

James added: “The diversity of these sun-drenched cities provides travellers countless opportunities to create unforgettable memories.

“Whether wandering through historic sites, indulging in local gastronomy or simply lounging on beautiful beaches, Europe’s sunniest destinations cater to every traveller’s desires.”

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