Published On: Fri, Jul 5th, 2024
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Starmer already under pressure from Labour Left as they ‘give him 2 years to get radical’ | Politics | News

Sir Keir Starmer is yet to get through the door of Number 10 and already the left of his party is calling for economic radicalism.

John McDonnell, the former shadow chancellor under Labour Leftist Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, told Sky News that the incoming prime minister need to get “more radical” and shift the political consensus to the left over time.

The Hayes and Harlington MP, who held the seat again, told the broadcaster: “If you look at the Blair government, the first couple of years they held to the Tory spending plans then they became more radical.

“At that stage then it will have to be more radical if the children in my constituency are to be lifted out of poverty.”

A large part of Labour’s success can be attributed to the gains they made from the SNP in Scotland.

The party now have a 37 seat majority north of the border, reducing the Scottish Nationalists to only nine MPs with two constituencies still to declare. In 2019, the SNP took 48 of the 59 seats on offer.

As well as coming under pressure in Parliament, the new Labour government will come under scrutiny from pressure groups that typically support the left in British politics.

Environmental campaign group Friends of the Earth Scotland said tackling climate breakdown “must be at the heart of everything Keir Starmer’s government does from now on”.

Imogen Dow, the group’s head of campaigns said: “The UK Government must deliver the urgent action that transitions our lives, our homes and our economy away from fossil fuels.

“People who work in the oil and gas industry and communities that are reliant on it must play a key role in planning an energy transition that is truly fair, responds to people’s needs and protects our climate.

“The Labour government needs to develop a coherent strategy and invest in green industries, as well as providing a jobs guarantee that supports workers to move away from oil and gas.”

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