Published On: Tue, May 30th, 2023
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State pensioners could get more than £5,000 in extra benefits and payments | Personal Finance | Finance

State pensioners may be entitled to more than £5,000 in extra benefits and discounts, such as Pension Credit and cost of living payments.

Those approaching or who have reached , which is currently 66 for both men and women, may want to check if they can get a significant boost to their income through the extra support.

Pension Credit – more than £3,500

of state pensioners on low incomes. The benefit increases a single claimant’s weekly income up to £201.05 a week and for a couple up to £306.85 a week.

This can provide a huge boost to a household income over the course of a year, potentially more than £3,500.


Claimants who have money saved for retirement can also get an extra payment, of up to £15.94 a week for single people and up to £17.84 a week for couples.

A person may get extra payments depending on their situation, such as if they care for another adult.

Claimants aged 75 and over can also get a free TV licence, saving them £159 a year, the usual cost for a TV licence.

The benefit also provides access to other means of support, including council tax reductions, Housing Benefit and Support for Mortgage Interest.

Cost of living payments – up to £1,050

People on some means-tested benefits, including Pension Credit, in three instalments over this tax year.

The first £326 instalment was paid recently with the second £300 payment to go out in autumn 2023 and the final £299 instalment in spring 2024.

Some state pensioners may also be eligible for a separate £150 cost of living payment going out to people on disability benefits, including Attendance Allowance. which is being paid next month.

Winter Fuel Payment – up to £600

People who were born before September 26, 1956 .

This payment is between £250 and £600 depending on a person’s circumstances and this year includes a pensioner cost of living payment of between £150 and £300.

Most people receive the payment automatically with no need to apply. People usually receive a letter in October and November with details about when the funds will arrive in their bank account.

Free NHS support

People in England can get free NHS prescriptions once they reach 60. If a person’s date of birth is printed on their prescription, they may not need to provide other evidence to claim the free medication.

People aged 65 and over can also get free eye tests in England. There may be some forms to fill in at the opticians to access the free eye care.

Britons on Pension Credit may also be able to get free NHS dental treatment.

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