Published On: Sat, Feb 3rd, 2024
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Struggling EU hotel chain launches furious Brexit rant as it’s ‘forced to raise salaries’ | Travel News | Travel

A European hotel chain has launched a furious Brexit rant after it was “forced to raise salaries” for their workers in the UK.

Gabriel Escarrer, the 53-year-old CEO and son of the founder of Melia Hotels International, has raised concerns about a significant shortage of staff in their British establishments; a challenge that has persisted for the past two years.

The renowned Spanish hospitality company, which operates multiple hotels in London and throughout the UK, had to allocate an additional 13 percent to cover labour costs in 2023.

Escarrer attributed the staffing difficulties to Brexit, stating that it is challenging to find workers willing to take certain roles in the tourism sector.

He explained to el Economista: “To secure the necessary talent, salary increases have surpassed initial budget estimates.”

He emphasised that this financial commitment is aimed at being responsible employers and ensuring the attraction and retention of top talent.

Despite the challenges posed by Brexit, Melia remains committed to its growth plans, intending to open 20 new hotels with 4,000 rooms in 2024, with half of them falling within the luxury sector.

This news may bring relief to supporters of Brexit, who have been seeking positive developments after a period of economic challenges following the UK’s departure from the EU.

Melia Hotels International, alongside Air Europa and Hotelbeds, stands as one of the largest companies in the Balearic Islands, boasting a market capitalization of £1.16 billion (€1.37 billion)

The chain operates a vast network of 160 hotels in Spain alone and employs 17,690 people globally.

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