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The 10 safest countries in Europe – with top spot claimed by same nation for a decade | Travel News | Travel

These are the top 10 countries ranked the safest in Europe – and the top place goes to the same country that has won the award for a decade.

The information was released by the Global Peace Index, taking metrics like crime rates into account when compiling the list.

As a whole, Europe ranks as the safest continent in the world, having 14 of the top 20 safest countries in the world.

Iceland takes first place, also ranking as the safest country in the world for 10 years in a row.

According to recent data, almost 1.7 million international visitors came to Iceland in 2022, that’s almost five times the 372,000 population.

Eskifjordur is a charming seaside village in the mid of the eastern Fjords and the red-colored and well-preserved houses and fishing sheds lined up an

Iceland takes first place (Image: Getty)

1. Iceland

The Nordic country has a low crime rate thanks to its low population that amounts to around 340,000 people.

The pretty country also has high living standards, with strong attitudes towards crime and a well regarded police force.

Iceland has no army, and the police are also unarmed, attributing further to the low crime rates.

Copenhagen, Denmark at Nyhavn Canal

Denmark takes second place (Image: Getty)

2. Denmark

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Denmark comes in at second place, with the Scandinavian country also ranking as one of the world’s happiest countries.

The beautiful country has very low crime rates, with a high safety level ensuring residents feel safe at all times.

Denmark is also a welfare state, meaning citizens are entitled to benefits and services that enhance their lives.

The capital Copenhagen is also one of the world’s safest cities, with thousands of Brits opting to visit throughout the year.

Impression of the St. Colman's Cathedral in Cobh near Cork, Ireland

Ireland comes in at third place (Image: Getty)

3. Ireland

Ireland comes in at third place, with low violent crime rates and low chances of natural disasters.

The pretty country with rolling countryside and plenty of green space has low rates of petty crime, including pickpocketing and muggings.

Caution is recommended at night time, with a large proportion of crime relating to alcohol-fuelled incidents.

Hallstatt village in Austria

Austria comes in a fourth place (Image: Getty)

4. Austria

Austria takes fourth place thanks to its low crime rate and rare violent protests. The country is also safe from natural disasters, with rare instances of extreme weather.

There are higher levels of petty crime, particularly pickpocketing, in the big city centres and city parks after dark. Thieves use a variety of methods to distract people so caution is recommended.

Porto Portugal Old City

Portugal takes fifth place (Image: Getty)

5. Portugal

Portugal takes fifth place, with low crime rates and an armed police unit. There are plenty of security officers in busy areas, contributing to the low crime rate.

Despite this, pickpocketing, handbag snatching, and theft from holiday properties are common in major tourist areas. Foreign-registered and hire cars are often targeted by thieves.

Travel advisors warn to keep belongings out of vehicles and be aware of distraction techniques used.

Panorama of Ljubljana, Slovenia, Europe.

Slovenia takes sixth place (Image: Getty)

6. Slovenia

Slovenia takes sixth place on the list, with the small country having low crime rates and a low risk of terrorist attacks.

Travellers are told to carry around their passport at all times as a form of ID, meaning officials are hot on keeping order.

The country is known for its beautiful medieval castles and rolling hills, drawing in tourists from the UK. For those visiting, be warned of the heavy on-the-spot fines issued for people caught jaywalking.

Thun cityspace with Alps mountain and lake in Switzerland

Switzerland takes seventh place (Image: Getty)

7. Switzerland

Switzerland is constantly named as one of the safest countries in Europe, coming in at seventh on the list.

People report feeling safe walking around at night time, even in isolated and quiet areas. Although Switzerland is one of the largest exporters of firearms, getting weapons in the country is extremely difficult.

However, there have been increased reports of theft, especially in larger cities, at Geneva airport and on trains to and from Geneva.

Vltava River and Charle bridge with red foliage

Czech Republic comes in at eighth on the list (Image: Getty)

8. Czech Republic

The Czech Republic comes in at eighth on the list, with communities living in harmony and low crime rates.

Petty theft is a problem, especially in major tourist areas in Prague. There is a risk of pickpocketing on busy metro and bus routes from Prague airport to the city centre and trams to popular tourist sites like Prague castle.

Tourists are warned to keep their passport and valuables with them at all times.

Helsinki, Finland

Finland comes in at ninth on the list (Image: Getty)

9. Finland

Finland comes in at ninth, though the country does have an “elevated” terrorism threat level. In 2017, two people were killed and several were stabbed in an incident in Turku.

Tourists may be targeted by pickpockets in the high season in crowded areas, but crime rates are generally low.

Just ensure you wrap up warm in the winter months, with plenty of snow and ice covering the country.

Split waterfront and Marjan hill view

Croatia takes tenth place (Image: Getty)

10. Croatia

Croatia takes the final spot on the list, with relatively low crime rates. This beautiful country draws in hundreds of thousands of Brits each year looking for a sunny getaway.

Tourists have been overcharged at bars and clubs, sometimes by thousands of Euros, and threatened with violence if they will not pay, so caution is advised.

Pickpockets still operate in touristy spots, so it’s recommended to avoid carrying large sums of cash.

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