Published On: Sun, Feb 4th, 2024
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The beautiful country named the best place in the world to visit in 2024 | Africa | Travel

This country has been named one of the best in the world to visit thanks to its breathtaking views and unique experiences.

Kenya in Africa has long been a sought-after travel destination for animal lovers hoping to catch a glimpse of wild animals in their natural habitat.

With dozens of safaris on offer taking you through some of the most breathtaking conservation areas, this country is sure to top your bucket list of destinations to visit.

National Geographic named their horseback safari as the best travel experience of 2024, offering a unique way to see the animals.

The wilderness area, the Maasai Mara, is home to a variety of animals, including lions, elephants, giraffes, hippos and zebras.

Typically, safari tours are enjoyed in a four-by-four vehicle, but there is now a horseback safari on offer that is promoted as being less disruptive for animal habitats.

Kenya itself topped the list of best places to visit in 2024, with plenty more than just safaris to explore. The semi-arid region of Samburu is home to one of the country’s most fascinating indigenous groups.

The groups live in mud-built huts, with the people welcoming to tourists hoping to learn more about their unique way of living.

There are also plenty of hiking trails in Kenya, with forests and mountains to explore. There is also plenty of accommodation to choose from, with luxury safari lodges or more budget friendly self-catering options.

For those hoping to visit Kenya, international flight timings mean there will be one layover in Nairobi. There are plenty of holiday companies offering safari packages who can also sort out flights and transport.

The best time to visit is between July and October for the wildebeest migration, but for those looking to dive or snorkel the best time is between October and March.

Kenya is generally a safe country, with a good police presence and strict security checks. But tourists are always told to keep on guard and watch out for thieves.

Ten days is recommended to see all that Kenya has to offer, from spending a few days in the wilderness to exploring some of the beautiful beaches and culture.

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