Published On: Sun, Jul 7th, 2024
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The beautiful European city that’s one of the cheapest | Travel News | Travel

The Balkan coast is attracting a growing number of tourists in recent years, thanks to its natural beauty that can be enjoyed at a relatively affordable price.

Tourists, however, should not make the mistake of overlooking landlocked cities when exploring the region – with Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, being one of the cheapest and most vibrant in the Balkans.

Home to 1.7 million people, Belgrade is an excellent destination for people looking to spend a long weekend far from crowds of tourists.

The summers are very warm, with temperatures normally hovering around the late 20s – allowing for some sunbathing along the river of the Danube.

Moreover, this historic city dating back to the 4th century BC is affordable when it comes to both cost of living and accommodation.

Monthly apartment rental can be found for as little as £320, according to Euronews Travel, while cocktails and pints can be enjoyed for £5 and £3 respectively.

The city has something to offer to every type of tourist, from those looking to simply relax and others more interested in arts and culture.

The bohemian quarter of Zemun is famous for its riverside cafes and late-night bars, while the Belgrade Fortress is the perfect destination for people wanting to get a sense of the rich history of the city.

Split into New and Old Belgrade by the Sava River, the city is also home to several museums – with one in particular celebrating one of Serbia’s most famous nationals, Nikola Tesla.

For a holiday on a budget, the many markets scattered across the city are a perfect destination when it comes to shopping for food and other goodies.

One of the most famous is the Zeleni venac market, dating back to 1918.

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